BMW 7 IN JOY WeChat Maintenance


To accurately identify the owners of BMW 7, and to establish contacts with them. To invite the BMW7 owners to participate in the offline event "Qiyuehui"and to create interactive communications and contents during the process of campaign.


As a WeChat interactive platform built for BMW branding campaign, we focused on how to provide BMW 7 series owners with services and interactions in a more accurate, convenient and initiative way. Meanwhile we need to create a safe, private and exclusive communication platform for the car owner participants, bringing delicate services and safe communicational experience to each car owner/participant.


“BMW 7 IN JOY” campaign targets the owners of BMW 7 series. We registered a WeChat subscription account of “BMW 7 IN JOY”. Under the principle of being user-friendly, we created the content and developed customized menus so as to encourage participants to communicate. We edited the contents of teaser, process, routes and splendid moments for campaigns according to the contents and features of each. We designed and developed an “interactive circle” function for safe and convenient communications among car owners of this campaign. With this “interactive circle”, the car owners can edit and send personal messages after being identified, send or share their feelings of the campaign, and others can comment on the messages sent.


We attracted a total of 641 BMW7 owners to follow the WeChat subscription account "BMW 7 IN JOY" and to participate in the offline event. We pushed the WeChat articles to 4,610 users.



Marketing monitoring:
- Social campaigns
- ATL campaigns
- Offline events

Lead generation:
- Sales leads
- Influencers