Astronaut and Porsche launched a new car type “Panamera”


This launch of the new car model “Panamera” was to provide professional training to the attendants, to realize the interaction between the brand and users and to get the statistical data of the understanding and the preference the users had toward the brand.


This conference was the internal union inside the car industry. The core promotion of this event was to collect all the opinions and judgements of the professionals towards the new car type of Porsche: Panamera. Astronaut provided a perfect data solution with the strategy of inspiring the users to generate true marketing data in a funny and interactive experience.


The new model Porsche “Panamera” was launched in Foshan Guangdong in Sep. 2013, where 1,500 professionals were invited to attend the ten-day product show and training. Astronaut developed two versions of an app – one mobile app of Android, iOS and web page and the other app for iPad test(50 iPads were prepared on site). The mobile app acted as the directive and interactive platform: to provide info such as event agenda, car type knowledge, weather and map etc., with messages published to show the human care and the seamless connection with the brand by the function of taking photos and commenting to portray opinions and feelings. The app for test provided a quiz for the users of car knowledge of Panamera, for Porsche to obtain accurate data about how much the users know about the car types.


Over 80% of the attendants downloaded the app (for both iOS and Android platform), building an effective and interesting communicational and sharing platform for the participants. The attendants not only knew more about the event info and car type knowledge but also interacted with Porsche and other attendants. The app based on the Astronaut-owned Spayz technology provided Porsche with complete and reliable users’ statistical data.



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