Vienna music campaign 2014


To strengthen the image of Vienna, "The capital of music", we aim to inspire the audience to think of Vienna when hearing "Blue Danube" or thinking about European music. To establish Vienna as being a cut above the rest and the first and most sought after destination of choice for Chinese travellers.


As the music capital of the world, Vienna is the birthplace of numerous classical music pieces. The Vienna Tourist Board had to strengthen the impression of Vienna through creating an online campaign in China. Astronaut created a viral video and invited users to join in the campaign on the Chinese musica app PaPa. Fans could upload their imitated music segment of “Blue Danube” to participate in the campaign and shared it with their friends. The preferred data of the users on the campaign website was stored in the backend Spayz of Astronaut. Finally Vienna Tourist Board selected the winner of the campaign to be awarded a musical tour to Vienna.


It is known to all that “Blue Danube” is a Viennese masterpiece. However, whilst most of the Chinese audience know the rhythm of it, they are unaware of its creative background and composer. So Astronaut made “Blue Danube” the cornerstone of the campaign and created an integrated marketing plan to make Vienna the first choice of destination to travel for Chinese tourists.


The campaign got a total of 1,068,392 exposure on the PaPa platform and 4,572,000 exposure in Sina Weibo platform. The total advertising exposure was 28,647,417!



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